SBI grew to becoming one of the largest international interactive agencies groups before being acquired by aQuantive.

Prior to the acquisition, SBI had rolled-up a number of top-tier digital agencies, including – Razorfish, Sapient, Scient/iXL, MarchFirst (formerly USWeb and CKS Group), Emerald Solutions, Lante, and Xcelerate.


YieldStar is an asset optimization system designed to help property owners optimize pricing of apartment inventory using sophisticated yield models that adjust apartment rents in real time to reflect imbalances in supply and demand.

YieldStar was acquired by RealPage.


Airclic was an industry-leading provider of cloud-based mobile solutions that help streamline and automate complex ‘last mile’ logistics processes.

Airclic was acquired by Descartes.


FutureVision was a pioneer of interactive broadband solutions, delivering the first commercial deployment of digital set-top boxes capable of delivering MPEG encoded video and bi-directional messaging.

FutureVision was acquired by Bell Atlantic.



Baltix was an engagement marketing agency, developing consumer-direct relationships with brands.

Clients inlcuded Microsoft, HP, Dell, Nestle, Kraft, PMI, Kimberly-Clark, Costco, OfficeMax, 7-11, Western Union and Sony Music Entertainment.

Baltix was acquired by 3Seventy.

Sans Locus

Sans Locus was a digital agency delivering services to small to mid-sized businesses.

Sans Locus was acquired by DD Global.